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August 23, 2010


Ughhhh the dreaded tipping conversation....well I am all over the place on this; but this is how I have evolved on this topic.
First of all I have broken this down in my mind to a place I am comfortable with; meaning a tip STARTS AT 0 (yes zero)...and works it's way up depending on your service. It does NOT start at 20% and work it's way down; it is what you have earned. Because I have waitressed and bartened for so many years; I know what it takes to give crappy service to the poinyt of a 0 tip and what it takes to give awesome service to a point of being over tipped.
Also this matters to me: if I am at a place where I know the servers (Vettes) and bartenders I am sure to tip incredible because I know them and they treat me like royalty; however, if I am at an Applebees, Culpeppers etc and I get mediocore service I tip accordingly.
Yes, you are suppose to tip your movers, not the furniture delivery guy etc. Pizza delivery is a good 2$ or 3$ range for us, and I no longer tip when I pick up my OWN food...money doesn't grow on trees and who the heck is going to take care of me when I am 70 years old and my retirement money is in the jars of all these little restaurants.
I do tip 1$ at our local coffee shop IF they make me something NOT if I pick up a yogurt parfait and go. Also, nails is a standard 5$ at the vietnemese places; and my hair color and cut (which takes 2 1/2 hours) is a standard 20% BECAUSE of the time I take out of her day and the outstanding job she continually does.
I think I hit it all; sorry for such a long response but this really is a tough topic. Money is tight for everyone, and I have learned no one is GIVING it to me; it is earned, which means when I give mine away you must have earned it, because I won't give it away for nothing.
The End :-)))

I agree with you Jennifer, I have been a hairstylist for 20 plus years and it would tick me off if I got stiffed after giving a great cut, or color..whatever. And I know there are hardtimes for everyone so I would take into consideration the person may not have it to give, I have been given 1dollar and wanted to say "here you need this more than I do" of course i didnt . If you have had a job earning tips you can understand I feel horrible not tipping at least 20%,unless the service was awful. I only know about salons and tips are important there, I earned 14$ a hr and my tips would be more than my check alot of the time so ive been stiffed, one bucked,5$ and a regular client ihad for years would always tip at least a twenty and as high as fifty(You know i was loving that!) during christmas, back to school Ive walked out of there with 200.00 in my pocket and wedding parties-Awesome! anyway I believe everyone should tip at least 15% and people should provide excellent service afterall thats what their paying for and its very hard to work with the public, you have to bite your lip and have undying patienceat times! but I know if I could chose a client it would be you!!!!And I totally agree, a good tip has to be earned!See ya!

Uh how did you not include the story about your big ol' tip you gave the bartender on spring break, circa 1991? HEHEHE.

I need more info on the issue of tipping at Sonic!

Right Mim! So one time in college on spring break while consuming beverages I tipped 17 bucks for a 3 dollar shot of tequila. True story. Thank goodness my friend Michelle saw it and instantly said, "give me that back, she didn't mean it!"

K Po - I am a bad Sonic example. I do at least a buck even if I'm just getting a route 44 beverage. And what if they have a drive through but they still have to come out to deliver your food at that drive thru? What then? SO CONFUSING!

I waitressed for YEARS and YEARS and therefore I am a pretty good tipper because I GET IT. Also, if I throw in an extra dollar on top of what I would tip anyway, it's not going to kill me, right? It's just a buck. But, if the server's EVERY table did that, at the end of the night, it adds up, you know? Plus, I guess I do it to make up for bad tippers.

I start at 20% and work my way down, like you said. 15% would be a bitchy server; 10% would be someone who was downright rude and despicable. However, to get me to 25-30%, service would have to be beyond exceptional.

For my hair I usually do btwn 15-20%. Pizza, about 15%. NO to starbucks. I do, however, tip Chinese take out - after all, someone took my order, made my order, packaged up my order, and made sure I had utensils and fortune cookies and the right sauce...

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