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April 28, 2010


Don't forget the silky skate covers you could buy in an array of colors...you put them on up to your shin and THEN put your skates on and pulled the silky cover OVER your skate.....mine were hot pink. I remember I skated the "couples" skate with Timothy Secor and I am embarrased (well a lil' bit) to admit that I fell flat on my face on the second go around.....I wonder what ever happened to that guy!! :-)))

I think we had every birthday party of myself, cousins and friends from age 6-9 at a roller rink - ah, those were the days!

Skate City...loved it! Where the drink "suicide" was a must! Why in the world did we name a mix of all drinks that? How horrible!

I remember skating in elephant ear bell bottoms, it was a little tricky crossing over skates with all that extra denim. My bff Kim always had skate partners (bitch)I on the other hand sat out many couple skates.

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