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June 25, 2009


That happens to me all the time, I pass a mirror and have a shock moment, holy crap am I really that OLD,FAT,AND OUT OF SHAPE! It just hits us hard sometimes. Personally I think you have a pretty healthy life style you are always playing hard with the kids and it's not like you are a lazy bones. We could all improve are life style. You are beautiful inside and OUT. Tomorrow you will wake up feeling gorgeous, like you said your just having a moment!

Jenny you are absolutely beautiful inside and out. We are all getting older and with age comes change. I am not the same as I was when I was 30, it is harder to lose weight no matter how hard we work at it. For me, I just do my best to move it as much as possible even though I have two children a husband a cat, two dogs and a crazy schedule. Today, do for yourself what makes you feel good and get yourself out of this moment. And remember this, any time I go shopping for a pair of pants or shorts the size 0's, 2's, 4's etc. are always there and the bigger sizes are gone so that means our size is the common size. :-)

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