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February 25, 2009


The standing next to your bed is in the Rogers genes. Jon would do the same thing. He would come into our bedroom and stand over me until I "felt" him there and then tell me what was wrong, or later that he was home. This is one of the Kenny Chesney memories, "Don't blink" it'll be gone and he'll be 23!

you poor thing!! I slept with Abbie (queen bed thank God) for the longest time just because I got so sick of those late night visits. Caroline is still in her crib and I am hoping to keep her there till Kindergarten (is that wrong?) heehee
Anywho, I have ate a dozen Krispy Kreams in Destin Florida on a bet, and I won big time. I won the fact that I got to eat all of them; and the $20 dollar spot. yeah I love them.

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