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February 20, 2009


o.k. Jenny I too have a recurring dream; but it is not like yours. I am always trying to get "back home" on a plane or driving really fast (too fast for human life). I am in duress and need to get "home" yet I can never achieve arrival. Now, home is not here where I live now - I think it is New York but I can't figure that out either. I wake up exhausted sometimes because I am clearly struggling to get to this place. Wierd huh?

You call this a dream? I call it a nightmare! It would send me over the edge to go back to college and have to attend class again! The drinking and partying were my highlights, and the meeting my fabulous husband part and the fun football games, but the stress of class and living on no money, no thanks!

I think your dream is about stress and maybe not feeling complete. Or feeling conflicted because you want to be young and carefree again, but you also love your family and couldn't bear to be without them. Anyway, i think it's normal. I don't have a recurring dream currently but I have had dreams like this. At least you're not dreaming about your ex. (damn subconscious!)

I'm happy to go out drinking and dancing with you. But you're right; hangovers last a lot longer now that I'm in my 30s than they did when I was in my 20s.

I have the same dream. Sometimes I have to go back to 8th grade though. I keep thinking I have a masters degree, who is the world is going to know that I didn't really get through 8th grade. Sometimes it is highschool and then I have the college dream. I too can never find my classes and I have no idea where anything is but yet all the buildings are the same. I hate that dream and I have it about every other week now.

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