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February 12, 2009


I have always loved Valentine's Day for the same reasons you just mentioned....my daddy ALWAYS brought me (hand delivered) flowers and a heart with candy in it. He was and always will be my first love, my first crush and my first Valentine. Now that he is gone (this is my 2nd Valentines day without him) Valentines Day kills me; and it is equally as hard for me to get through the day as his birthday and Fathers day because he always made me more important than anyone on Valentines Day. He told me every year "you will always be my Sweet Valentine". I guess the positive way to look at it is Brad now pays it forward to Abbie and now Caroline - he makes them feel like the most important girls on the planet when Valentines rolls around. Let's hear it for all those awesome daddy's that set the bar too high for the future husbands of their daughters - because them awesome daddys make their girls feel like queens for a day.
I know how it STILL makes me feel when Valentines Day rolls around and I think about how good my dad would make me feel; it is one of many great memories of my dad and it reminds me how truly lucky I was to be able to call him my dad, my sweet Valentine - I love you dad.

I am sitting at school with tears in my eyes, that must be a dad thing. Julie and I got flowers too. Mike you better get on it with Elaine! Such good memories.

wow..your dad is the best...what a sweet heart. HOw he survived living with three girls--especially during the teen age years---is beyond me! a big shout out to Dennis!!

Gramma Linda

Lala, thank you for sharing that other sweet Dad story!

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