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August 28, 2008


NEVER!!! The police would be able to track me to where ever I was hiding for the rest of my life. I would feel like I was being hunted like Osama Bin Laden....although we don't seem to be able to find him.

I have done a twofer at the movies though. they don't really care about that, do they? Only during the day when they are playing the movie for 4 people anyway. Victimless crime, no? Now if it was a big weekend for a blockbuster hell no! They would turn on the lights and demand to see everyone's stubs and then I would be arrested.

NO! I have never dined and dashed. Do not do it!!!!! Some restaurants make the poor server pay the tab. It is totally unacceptable. I will not bail you out of jail.

I did it with you at Cheesecake Factory one Mom's night out. Just kidding, once in HS at Winstead's with my sister and her friends...peer pressure.

No way have I ever or will I ever dine and dash. I have been on the other end of someone walking out on a tab; and the "new owner" of that restaurant "I was working at" required ME to pay the $85.00 out of my tips.....hope any potential dine and dashers are reading this and realize that the little people are paying for their prank.

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