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July 25, 2008


O.K. here is my view point straight up -

T.V. adds mean nothing to me

I vote on the issue at hand not a straight party ticket

I think the main stream media is biased and I can't stand the majority of them

I get my news from Fox because I do believe they are the only ones that are truly fair and balanced and give both points of view (just my opinion)

The most important issue at hand to me right now and probably will remain for long term is our security and safety; and whomever I believe will keep us safe is who I will vote for.

I try not to follow this stuff too much. I just don't care. I know that is a horrible thing to say and when it comes time to vote I will do some research but for now I wish that wasn't all over the news EVERYDAY and that the commercials would stop.

Do they really change anyone's mind. If they could just take all the money they put into these campaigns and say try to use it for some good, then maybe I would listen to them when they are on the news. But all this traveling and raising millions just for a campaign is just crazy.

I am not sure why we all support that, just crazy. Especially with the economy right now.

I don't know what Republican or Democratic means......so I am also going with my gut. I think one is nicer than the other so I am voting for him. May be wrong, but I only have two to choose from, I can't make that awful of a mistake. I think one has more interest in the people and I am picking him :)

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