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December 14, 2007


O.k. me first, me first :-)
For obvious reasons I would love the power to spend "one more day" with someone on the "other side" or even more than that; I would love the super power that enables you to see or talk to someone that has past away. I already have so much I would love to say to my dad and tell him that I already miss his wisdom.

Super Human Strength so that I wouldn't have to make Todd open every jar that comes out of the fridge!

Wonder Women, she could do anything!

I like to be able to beam myself places. Like say I would like to come to St. Louis for the day but don't want to drive... I just warp myself there. And then when said trip is up and you don't want to drive home hungover, booooom warped again.

That is so easy. I think about this all the time. I would like the ability "to answer any question with absolute certainty and correctness", basically making me all knowing. If I need to speak another language or break a code, I would just ask myself what to say or what it says. If I need to improve a recipe, I could just ask myself what would make it better. I would cure cancer or know that there is no cure. I would create a better battery, and cleaner power. I could read your mind by asking myself what you are thinking. If an answer exists, I would be able to know it, and provide proof. I could predict the future too, by asking myself what is going to happen, and therefore prevent anything bad from happening to you and your kids.

Am I a dork because I have thought so much about that? Answer = NO, you are totally cool. Hmmm, maybe I already have a little of the power.

You will laugh out loud at this post, and think I am a genius. Eerie, isn't it.


I don't know if it counts, but I would like to be like Samantha in Bewitched. She could move her nose and whatever she wanted to happen would...Of course she was a witch and I am sure I have been called that before!

Keep up the good work.

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