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December 21, 2007


Today is my last day too! I am so excited to be sleeping in for 2 whole weeks. Merry Christmas to all of you. We miss you! We have our plates and s&p shakers all ready to go!

Fav christmas movie: Christmas Vacation -- we laugh at the same old gags every year !

Fav gift ever: The ornament Dan gave me our first Christmas together, which said "our first Christmas" but he didn't realize when he bought it that the two little characters on it were a bride and groom. When I opened it, we both had our jaws drop and our mouths were wide open for at least 2 whole minutes. I couldn't figure out why he looked so surprised until a year later when he told me he didn't realize it was a bride and groom when he bought it. Ooooops !!!!! I LOVE that man and NO . . . he didn't marry me cause he had to after that gift !

If I were rich: I'd invite everyone I love (there are LOTS of you !) to go on a cruise with me to the carribean the day after Christmas and after we'd cruised the high seas for a few days, we'd spend a week in one of the poorest countries building houses for them and Jimmy Carter would be there too to help us! aunt barbara

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