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April 16, 2009


I don't like tea, green, iced, hot or any kind of flavor so i will continue to ingest coffee religiously (Dunkin' Donuts rules!)

i agree 1000%. ever since you came home from vaca with this idea...i have replaced nighttime coffee with green tea...because really, do i NEED coffee after dinner? answer: no, but do I need it in the morning - abso-freaking-lootely!!!

Farrell sounds like Dr. Suess from Green Eggs and Ham, Sam I am?!
Double up on tea bags w Black tea first ( has more caffeine ) then tea through day ( hot or cold ) and sometimes non-caffeinated @ night! Sleepy time tea saved me during my (and kids) sinus/allergy issues this spring. Coffee just made congestion worse! Coffee saved for emergencies only and weekends!! THATS when u NEED it!!! XXOO Getr done, Rogers!!!

Rusty you poor confused soul. Replace coffee with tea bah I say. Moved to England!

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